Report Archive

The following Workforce Reports and Studies have been completed over the last few years and are available upon request through our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2010  Focus on Occupations-Millwright

Summary:  A brochure on the millwright sector including employment and wage information.


2009  Occupational Profiles Top 50 jobs in the 1000 Islands Region

Summary:  This booklet consists of 50 occupation profiles based on employment levels in the counties of Leeds and Grenville and Frontenac County.


2009   Brick and Stone Mason Survey Report

Summary: Survey results indicate that there is a current and anticipated need for both certified brick and stone masons in the 1000 Islands Region.


2009  Manufacturing Industry Sector Profile

Summary:  Demographic and economic trends affecting the labour force in the 1000 Islands Region are examined here with a view to the impact on manufacturing sector employers, the employed workforce in these industries and those labour market partners tasked with developing a response to current and future needs of the manufacturing workforce in the region.


2009 Immigrant Profile

Summary:  This report is a compilation of immigrant Census data for key labour market areas covered by the 1000 Islands Region Workforce Development Board, namely the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the County of Frontenac.  This document will hopefully provide some background information for communities to make informed decisions for immigration retention and attraction in these rural areas.


2009  Employer symposium - How to Hire Talent

Summary: 82 employers attended this symposium to learn more on how to find and hire the right person for their work place.


2009  Hospitality Sector  Temporary Foreign Worker Pilot Project

Five Foreign workers found employment in the hospitality sector as part of this pilot project but is the “Temporary Foreign Worker Program” a feasible option to assist employers in this industry facing labour shortages.

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