The following news article was introduced to us by one of our Board Members, John Holmes. John found this article to be of interest and wanted to share it with our audience. "This report on the Impact of Technology on Warehousing Work might be of interest given the prevalence of some warehousing/distribution centres in eastern Ontario. The report received a lot of press coverage in both North America (e.g. article in yesterday’s G&M Business Section) and Europe – through my academic network I know one the authors Nik Theodore." explains John. 

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The Future of Warehouse Work: Technological Change in the U.S. Logistics Industry

Written by Beth Gutelius and Nik Theodore (UC Berkley, Labor Center) October 22, 2019

"Predictions of dramatic job loss due to technology adoption and automation often highlight warehousing as an industry on the brink of transformation. The potential elimination of many blue-collar jobs is a pressing issue for policy makers and raises important questions about how workers will fare in the economy of the future. The findings in this report are based on in-depth industry research and extensive interviews with a broad set of stakeholders, including industry analysts and consultants, third-party logistics operators, retailers, brands, and technology providers."

What key industry dynamics are playing a role in technological change?

"Employers may use technology in ways that decrease the skill requirements of jobs in order to reduce training times and turnover costs. This could create adverse effects on workers, such as wage stagnation and job insecurity. New technologies potentially can curtail monotonous or physically strenuous activities, but depending on how they are implemented, may present new challenges for worker health and safety, employee morale, and turnover. Additionally, electronically mediated forms of monitoring and micro-management threaten to constrain workers’ autonomy and introduce new rigidities into the workplace."

"These changes will have a greater impact on communities with high concentrations of warehouse workers…. "

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