"The automotive and mobility industry has been experiencing one of its most significant transformations with the development of smart vehicles and innovative mobility services."

"To be able to capitalize on all of the opportunities that this mobility revolution presents, new approaches to developing the future skills and talent are also needed."

"In addition to highlighting the booming demand for and high interest in future mobility roles, Indeed reported that, according to an analysis of job posts and data from recruiters, individuals interested in working in this rapidly evolving sector need to equip themselves with advanced skills. For example, most of the top skills listed in autonomous vehicle job postings are related to computer programming and artificial intelligence."

"Despite the high interest of job searchers in automotive and mobility-related careers, companies and recruiters find it very challenging to acquire and retain qualified talent that possesses the specialized skill sets required for new mobility technologies. This is attributed to an overall shortage in workers with digital skills, and, most importantly, to the advanced and broad combination of skill sets needed to develop the automotive and mobility technologies of the future."

"As the automotive industry transforms, it is critical that Ontario has a workforce capable of developing new mobility technologies. In this report, we focus on delineating the workforce skills needed in the future mobility era as well as tactical solutions to fill the talent gaps. We cover the different science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills needed for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies as well as general skills needed for most industries including automotive and mobility. We also highlight the challenges leading to automotive and mobility talent gaps, and how companies, education and training providers, and governments can work collaboratively to fill these gaps. Although it is unclear when CAVs will be widespread, we strongly believe that tackling our automotive and mobility workforce talent gaps should start immediately in order to propel industry advancements and reap the benefits of these technologies and solutions."

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Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN)

The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) initiative is funded by the Government of Ontario to support Ontario’s competitive advantage in the automotive sector and to reinforce its position as a North American leader in advanced automotive and mobility technologies, including transportation and infrastructure systems.

This initiative capitalizes on the economic potential of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies by supporting the commercialization of best-in-class, madein-Ontario solutions that create jobs, drive economic growth and enhance global competitiveness. AVIN also helps Ontario’s transportation systems and infrastructure adapt to these emerging technologies.

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